Harmaslings Dragon Ametrine Review

Jeg har fået denne smukke håndvævede vikle helt fra Rusland. Viklen indgår i mit lille slyngebibliotek og kan lånes kvit og frit af alle der lægger vejen forbi mine workshops, individuel vejledning, babyhold eller MoveTogether. Jeg har skrevet en lille anmeldelse af den (på engelsk af hensyn til viklens ophav). Læs med her hvis du vil høre min mening om den skønne drage:

Review​ ​Harmaslings​ ​Dragon​ ​Ametrine​ ​50%​ ​wool/50%​ ​mercerized​ ​cotton,​ ​sz​ ​5,​ ​440cm long.

Dragon Ametrine is really soft right away and gets even softer after a little more use. It is handwoven with a dark petrol-blue, a purple and an orange thread in a graded dragonscale-like pattern. The colourchange in the sunlight is almost magical, and the wrap has a beautiful shine in the light. It seems like it gets pulls quite easy, though, so I will have to check it regularly a repair them. The washing instructions says handwash only, but it washed it in the mashine on a cold wool-cycle with no spin, and it managed without problems.

With a 270/gsm it is not too thin, nor too thick for me. It is not very grippy, so it is easy to tighten when wrapping, but it still stays in place and in most carries I can finish with a singleknot. In general it is easy to wrap with. The graded colour -one orange edge and one blue -makes it easy to see what you are doing while wrapping and wich rail to tighten. I have tested it with my 11 kgs heavy son and it carries him without problems in 1-layer carries and feels quite strong. It requires a neat wrapjob though, otherwise 1 layer carries can feel a little hard on the shoulders. In multiple-layer carries it can carry much heavier children, I have used it with my 4 years old a couple of times in double hammock variations.

The wool gives it a nice little bounce, and I love the way the wrap feels tempered even after lying in the stroller on a cold day. The fabric never feels cold the way cotton does. But it is not too hot, either. I actually use it for practicing MoveTogether (babywearing post-natal workout) with baby in Annes front carry, -he fell asleep while I was dancing around 🙂

I love this Harmaslings Dragon! I have brought it to several babywearing-classes and it always gets very positive response from the other babywearers. Beautiful, easy to wrap with and good allround qualities. If I should settle for only a few wraps, this could be one of the selected ones. An all time favourite!


Katrine Boel Gjerum, physiotherapist

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