Didytai – review

Didytai in a frontcarry

I have received this Didytai Metro Marsala from Didymos and have been testing it for a couple of weeks now, so I will try to gather my thoughts about it here. The Didytai is available in my slinglibrary – try it in one of my workshops, babyclasses or MoveTogether. You can take it home for a week or two if you want to test it at home.

I have been carrying M (19 months and 13 kgs) in front- and backcarries and S (4½ year and 19kgs) in backcarries.

The Didytai is a wrap-tai like a mei-tai / meh-dah sling. It consist of a panel with 4 straps – 2 waist straps and 2 shoulder straps. The straps are wide like a wrap-tail so you can spread out the straps to even out babys weight. It combines the adjustability and support from a woven wrap with the simplicity of an ergonomic carrier/soft structured carrier (SSC).

Some of the advantages of a wrap-tai is that it is simpel to use, you can use it from newborn, and the seat stays in place. The unpopable seat makes it easy to use for backcarries as well as frontcarries.

If you are scared off by stretchy wraps and woven wraps a Didytai (or other wrap-tais) is a good alternative and I would prefer this over an SSC, because you can distribute the weight better and support babys back better. A lot of Mei-Tais and SSCs do not give close-enough support to a newborns neck and back and should be used from the age of 4-6 months and up. The Didytai and similar wrap-tais mimic the close wrap feeling and is perfectly fine to use with a newborn as well as a toddler.

This Didytai Marsala is 100% cotton and machine-washable, which is quite practical. It is soft from the beginning and will probably get even softer with more use. The geometrical pattern is interesting labyrinth-like and a nice change for me – my other wraps have more organic patterns. It is woven in two colors and it is easy to tell front from back, this helps you figure out if you have twisted the straps while tying the Didytai. You can adjust the width of the seat/bottom of the panel with a draw-string – very simple and well-working – so it will fit from approximately 3 kgs. There is also strings at the top of the panel which helps you adjust the height of the panel and the head-support. There is extra head-cover/headsupport for the smaller babys. My children are both too big now, to use the head-cover, so I haven´t tested that properly yet.

When you put it on, you simply tie the waiststraps around your waist, not your hips (the smaller the baby, the higher you place the waiststraps), place your baby and pull up the panel and shoulderstraps. If you are doing a frontcarry you cross the shoulderstraps on your back, bring them to the front where you take the straps over one leg , cross under babys bum and under the other leg and tie a double knot on your back. If you are doing a backcarry there are several options to finish. I personally like to do a tibethan-finish, to distribute some of the weight on the chest.

To make better head- and necksupport in frontcarries I would recommend to use a shoulderflip of the shoulderstraps. This positions baby closer to your body and prevents you from harming your abdominal muscles and you pelvic floor by leaning back to keep balanced. This is the one disadvantage of both the Didytai and mostly any other mei-tai or SSC: it can be difficult to prevent baby from leaning away from you and it takes some work and practise to tighten your carrier enough, so that babys leans towards you and not away from you. But since this is something most people struggle with when wrapping as well, it would not keep me from using a wrap-tai. I highly recommend that you learn to tighten appropriately, no matter the choice of wrap or carrier. For the sake of you own body 🙂

I think the Didytai is a very good carrying option for both newborns and toddlers, especially if you don´t want to use a wrap. It is easy to use, and it is ergonomic for both baby and mother/father. If you want to use it for a toddler, I would go for an item with a higher GSM, since the Metro Marsala is quite thin and I feel that I lack a little more support for the heavier kids.

I look foreward to bring it with my to all kinds of babywaering classes and help parents put it to good use 🙂

The Didytai Metro Marsala is sponsored but Didymos, but all words above are my own and reflects my personal and honest opinion.

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